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The patterns of Passive Voice:

Simple Present: SA  +  VI  + O
                            SB      VS
I eat rice three times a day
He writes letters every week
SA  +  to be  +  VIII/ed  +  by  +  O
Rice is eaten by me three times a day
Letters are written by him every week
Simple Past: S  +  VII/ed  +  O
He drank wine yesterday
We bought flowers last week
S  +  was/were  +  VIII/ed  +  by  +  O
Wine was drunk by him yesterday
Flowers were bought by us last week
Present Cont: S  +  to be  +  V-ing  +  O
She is washing her clothes now
They are looking at a painting right now
S  +  to be  +  being  +  VIII/ed  +  by  +  O
Her clothes are being washed by her now
A painting is being looked at by them right now
Past Cont: S  +  was/were  +  V-ing  +  O

It was drawing a carriage last night
I was doing the home work two weeks ago
S  +  was/were  +  being  +  VIII/ed  + by + O
A carriage was being drawn by it last night
The home work was being done by me two weeks ago
Present Perfect: SA  +  have  +  VIII/ed  + O
                            SB       has
The police have arrested the criminal
The cook has made some cakes
SA +  have  +  been  +  VIII/ed  +  by  +  O
The criminal has been arrested by the police 
Some cakes have been made by the cook
Past Perfect: S  +  had  + VIII/ed  +  O
The doctor had examined the patients
The nurses had assisted the doctors
S  +  had  +  been  +  VIII/ed  +  by  +  O
The patients had been examined by the doctor
The doctors had been assisted by the nurses
Present Future: S  +  Modal  +  VI  +  O
Simple Modal           (present)
Mother will sew my dress tomorrow
A bank may give loans to customers
S  +  Modal  + be  +  VIII/ed  +  by  +  O
My dress will be sewn by mother tomorrow
Loans may be given to customers by a bank
Past Future: S  +  Modal  +  VI  +  O
Past Modal           (past)
Father could see a ghost last night
Uncle might repair a computer yesterday
S + Modal + be + VIII/ed + by + O
A ghost could be seen by father last night
A computer might be repaired by uncle

A. Change the following sentences into Passive

01. Waitresses and waiters serve customers
02. The teacher is going to explain the lesson
03. Bill will invite Anne to the party
04. Two horses were pulling the farmer’s wagon
05. Mr. Jones manages the export division

The answers:
01. Customers are served by waitresses and waiters

02. The lesson is going to be explained by the teacher

03. Anne will be invited to the party by Bill

04. The farmer’s wagon were being pulled by two horses

05. The export division is managed by Mr. Jones


I. Complete the following passive voice sentences in the tenses suggested

01. This picture (always admire). – Present
02. His leg (hurt) in an accident. – Past
03. This exercise (do) very carefully. – Present Continuous
04. The box (not open) for the last hundred years. – Present Perfect
05. The Tower of London (formerly use) as a prison. - Past
06. Two of my dinner plates (break). – Present Perfect
07. A big battle (fight) here 200 years ago. - Past
08. You (invite) to lunch tomorrow. – Present Perfect
09. This play (forget) in a few years’ time. - Future
10. The bridge (build) last year. - Past
11. My brother (never beat) at tennis. – Present Perfect
12. English (speak) all over the world. - Present
13. Any questions (ask) about me? - Past
14. The answers must (write) on one side of the paper only. - Infinitive
15. These books must (not take away). - Infinitive
16. I (punish) for something I didn’t do. - Past
17. Milk (use) for making butter and cheese. - Present
18. You (want) to help lay the table. – Present
19. A pupil (praise) when he works hard. – Present
20. The stolen car (find) in another town. – Present Perfect
21. Hats and coats must (leave) in the cloakroom. – Infinitive
22. The piano (play) far too loudly. – Past Continuous
23. The matter (discuss) tomorrow. - Future
24. Progress (make) every day in the world of science. – Present
25. The chickens (not feed) this morning. - Past
26. Some ink (spill) on the carpet. – Present Perfect
27. She said that some ink (spill) on her carpet. – Past Perfect
28. Not a sound (hear). - Past
29. This door can (easily mend). – Infinitive
30. What (do) about this? – Present Perfect
31. The door (already shut). – Present Perfect
32. Your question (answer)? – Present Perfect
33. The book (finish) next month? - Future
34. He saw that the table (push) into the corner. – Past Perfect
35. The article (beautiful write). – Present Perfect

II. Put the following sentences into passive voice with a personal subject

01. They gave my little sister a ticket
02. People will show the visitors the new buildings
03. Someone has already paid the electrician for his work
04. They promise us higher wages
05. Somebody will tell you what time the train leaves
06. Someone ordered the prisoners to stand up
07. Somebody recommended me to another doctor
08. Someone taught him French and gave him a dictionary
09. They will allow each boy a second plate of ice-cream
10. The authorities refused Cyril a passport
11. They will ask us all several questions
12. When we first met, they had already offered me a job at the bank
13. Someone will read you another chapter next time
14. They requested the stranger to leave the meeting
15. This is the third time they have written to us about this
16. They will deny women the right to vote in some countries
17. They have made my uncle a captain
18. They asked the rest of us to be there at eight o’clock
19. The others told the new students where to sit
20. Someone is showing Maisie how to bath a baby

III. Put the following sentences into Passive Voice

01. She showed the visitors the new baby
02. Someone asked the student a very difficult question
03. We must look into this matter
04. People speak well of my friend Cyril
05. They told her to be quick
06. Someone reads to the old lady every evening
07. Somebody told the students to wait outside
08. Someone promised me a bicycle if I passed my examination
09. You must work for success
10. Somebody gave her a box of chocolates for her birthday
11. I told Cyril never to come here again
12. They gave me 10p (ten pence) change at the shop
13. She promised him a book
14. It is time they brought the cows in
15. They told me to go away
16. Nobody has slept in that room for years
17. She will look after the little girl well
18. A car ran over our dog.
19. The teacher promised Mary a prize if she worked well
20. A friend told me the news this morning.
21. Unkind remarks easily upset Maisie.
22. Somebody must finish the work
23. Nobody can repair this broken vase
24. What ought we to do about this?
25. What questions did the examiner set?
26. People play football all over the world
27. Nobody has made any mistakes
28. Beethoven composed this piece
29. A guide pointed out the Pyramids to me.
30. Somebody has left the gate open, and so the horses have run away
31. Somebody must do something for these poor men
32. She fell into the water because somebody pushed her
33. People will simply laugh at you for your trouble
34. They carried her into the house
35. They showed me a beautiful drawing
36. Nobody has answered my question properly
37. They left the wounded behind
38. Somebody has brought this child up very badly
39. They didn’t tell me the truth about the situation
40. They asked Maisie why she went about with a silly person like me!

IV. Put the following sentences into Passive Voice

01. Somebody has found the boy the people wanted
02. People ought not to speak about such things in public
03. The wind blew his hat down the street
04. They will take her to hospital tomorrow
05. The police gave me $5 reward.
06. An unseen hand opened the window.
07. They will send Cyril to prison
08. People should make lessons more interesting for children
09. They had eaten all the dinner before they finished the conversation
10. Somebody left the light on all night
11. We shall lock the house up for the summer and the old gardener will look after it
12. No one can answer your question
13. Somebody has spilt tea all over the tablecloth
14. His brother just beat John in the 100-yards race
15. Has someone mended that chair yet?
16. Nobody has ever spoken to me like that before
17. A friend lent me this book
18. We have asked some friends of hers to join us
19. People talked about Maisie all over the town
20. They will give you the answer next week
21. Didn’t they tell you to be here by six o’clock?
22. I’d like someone to read to me
23. You must not throw away empty bottles
24. No one has drunk out of this glass
25. The stone struck him in the right shoulder.
26. The fire destroyed many valuable paintings.
27. Someone blew a whistle three times
28. A huge wave overturned the little boat
29. He finished his work by eight o’clock
30. Ladies used to wear their dresses very long
31. The maid washed the floor only this morning
32. Lions attacked the travelers.
33. Someone has stolen my collection of stamps
34. I have sharpened the knives
35. The same man mended your shoes.
36. They built two new houses last year
37. They sent letters of thanks to all their friends
38. We ate up all the biscuits yesterday
39. People will laugh at you if you wear that silly hat
40 People were carrying the chairs out into the garden
41. His friends gave him a cake for his birthday
42. They took photographs after the ceremony
43. I hate people looking at me
44. Do you intend us to take your remark seriously?
45. The police ought to put you in prison
46. They turned my offer down
47. This is a good idea, but one cannot carry it out in practice
48. People shan’t speak to me as if I were a child
49. Somebody has eaten all the food in the house and drunk all the wine
50. Somebody has locked the box and I cannot open it